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Been A While

It has been a while since my last update here but I do have good reasons!  The main reason is that I have been very busy developing a laboratory stock management system for the company that I currently work for.  It started off as a small project to show off the skills that I have learnt over the years in PHP & Javascript but over time it has grown into a monster of a system.

The original idea was simple; the system knew what stock was needed for each test and when users registered the total tests carried out in a day, it would up date the stock table.  This would get rid of the major issue in the company and that was stock flow.  Since it was installed the department has managed to keep tight control over the stock in the building cutting down spending and waste.  It was perfect but more was wanted…..

As I was developing the system I came to the realisation that I could easily manipulate the data being entered by the end users to create reports for all sorts of things including stock used, staff hours and total costs.  To any manager this is critical information and can be used to determine what stock is needed for the future.


This is the basic overview of the system but it is very difficult to explain with out showing it but to sum up how far the basic stock control system has come, here is a list of the functions added since it was launched;

  • Powerful Reports at the click of a button
    • Staff Productivity
    • Staff Vs Stock Costs
    • Capacity of Tests
    • End of Month Reports
  • Quality Control (EQC)
  • Sub Contracting
    • Sending of Samples
    • Tracking Samples
    • Daily Email System
  • Shifts inc Holiday, Sick & Overtime
  • Clockin System
  • Repeats inc when to charge
  • Daily Figure Submissions

With more to come in future updates.  Until next time; Ciao.