I taught myself PHP & MySQL as part of my final University project.  It was always a language that I wanted to learn and I could not think of abetter reason that this.  I have dug up the final product and tweaked it to bring it back to life with plans for future envelopment.


PS Now UK Database– PS Now is a streaming service offered by Sony which allows gamers to play PS3 games on their PS4, Vita or PC.

Problem: The current selection of games is over 300 and there is no easy way to search through the data.

Solution: Online database that uses SQL to display data from a single table.  Use Javascripts to create a dynamic search and column sorting.  Another feature added was for users to see how long games will take to complete by scrapping data from Howlongtobeat.

Miuni – a tool in which students in a new area can find any deals that have been added my fellow students.



As one of the first languages I learnt in a visual studio, Visual Basic is a language that I enjoy playing around with when creating Spreadsheets in Excel.  I love how through a few simple lines of code you can turn a standard spreadsheet into something more dynamic.


Due Date Management Tool – Final Write Up Coming Next Week


The first new language that I am learning is Python.  I am hoping to get a Raspberry Pi soon so getting a head start on the core language will be beneficial for that day!



Hello World – as simple as it gets!

Variables – variables without a fixed type? What a language!

Guess The Number – simple program where you have to guess a random number




Coming Soon


Raspberry Pi

Coming 2017