Finding Old Work

Boy what a weekend!  It all started late last night when I found my final University project back up on my Google Drive.  A quick transfer to my live server and with a few tweaks I was looking at my final project that I developed 4 years ago!  The only thing that was 100% broken was the Google geocoding but that was due to the updated APIs.  One Sunday morning later and they were all fixed.

What I did find impressive was how well this thing works.  I am not putting myself down here but before starting this project I knew very little about PHP and MySQL.  It was all self taught and when I look back at all the features of this project I must say I am impressed with what I created.

I have spent today looking through the lines of codes working out what I was trying to achieve.  Luckily I did drop a few comments here and there but past me was a very messy coder.  The project had quite a lot going for it but it looks like time ran out during development but as I am topping up my programming skills this year I am going to use this time to expand on what is currently there.

I already have a few ideas for new features for this old project and even started implementing them in the background.

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