Change Starts With You

My name is Des Mayer, a 27 year old family guy and gamer who would be classed as a “bedroom programmer”.  My current work position is so far from my skill set I sometimes wonder how I managed to keep the position.

Since the first time I used a computer I always wanted to understand how they worked and how to manipulate data.  With this in mind during high school I begun to learn how to code.  This took me on a journey through many programming languages including Pascal, and JAVA.  Even through the multiple languages I found that I enjoyed solving problems through lines upon lines of code.

My problem now is that I have learnt a few languages through my education but have not have reason to use them at work or in my personal life.  This has to change.  So it will!

I have set myself a goal for the next 12 months.  that is to learn new languages and to build upon the languages that I already know.  Luckily, whilst looking through a few charity shops I stumbled upon study guides for C++ and Python so it looks like those will be my first new languages to master.

In the end what does this mean?  I want to be a programmer and in 12 months this blog should hopefully contain my journey through many different languages along with many new projects added to my portfolio.

Until next time.

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